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Since 2017, Swagger Espresso has done more than refine an old tradition, we’ve started a new one. We’ve created a blend of coffee that is #madeforthegrinders. 

Three magnificent varietal types….if they were jewels they would be fit for a coffee crown. Citrus, floral, but roasted to give apricot and dark chocolate finish. The delicate balance, we have learned is to separate, yet combine characteristics of each origin to achieve a black or with milk coffee that has a truly great start, middle and finish on the palate.

Our blend

Our blend, with origins from South and North America, Africa, and Asia achieves optimum flavour. Our products age from 5 to 14 days making every bean worth your patience.

Premium  Coffee  Beans

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: Known for its sweet flavor and aroma with a light to medium body. They are spicy and fragrant, frequently reviewed and rated as some of the highest quality Arabica coffees in the world.

Costa Rican: these beans are distinguished, and notable for their good body, fruity and bright acidity. They are clean and have a crisp taste.

Colombia: medium-bodied with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity. These high-grown Colombian beans are a classic mild, fruity flavor with a taste that seems almost fermented.


Coffee Beans

Featuring our Banker Blend:

With apricot and pleasing subtle malty, vanilla-like notes make Banker a “bright” blend. The mouth-feel is rich and slightly dry, finishing smooth with lingering flavours of toast and roasted nuts.

Stay  chill

Prefer your coffee chilled? Swagger has you covered with our ready to go, bottled Cold Brew with vanilla, caramel and malt notes.


Cold Brew

Expertly balanced, quite complex in flavour on the palate upfront. Vanilla, caramel and malt notes are present throughout the espresso with a cheeky and pleasant grapefruit citrus zing.

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